"But sir, how do you hide an elephant?" -- Rigodon

Poems By Tameran Nindletuk

Tameran was a halfling bard, come to Lindethon to find fame and recognition. Let down by Davan, he was persuaded by Samara to try to fill his place, taking over the performace that Davan failed to turn up at. Unfortunately for him, Davan DID turn up (or at least, what everybody thought was Davan), right at then end to steal the limelight.

Thoughts Turn To Dust

Oh, but what it is to be,
A speck of dust that cannot see,
Beyond the closest thought.
A fragrant sense of liberty,
Free to be as one should be,
And not as someone ought.
I look and think, but seldom do I find that place,
Upon the brink of unknown and defined.
I stand and drink in views of majesty and grace,
But never do I find what I must find.
The dust is but a figment of my mind.