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Background Information

This page contains various details as to the background of Lerinor (the continent in which the campaign is set) and Ambar (literally 'the world').

A brief history of Ambar, as told by Benedict Brindon

There were originally three great lands – Helcenor (the icy dwelling of the Rámalóki), Curunor (the homeland of the Five races) and Lumbenor (the home of all things evil and destructive).

Long ago, the people of Curunor began to take an interest in the arcane, for they were able to derive great benefit from spellcasting. Thus, a whole society was built around the use of magic. Of these magic users, some focused their attention on the domains of healing and restoration, seeking to use their skill to maintain and uphold their society. Others were not so content with preservation however, and sought to extend and enhance their way of life to new limits, by way of the arcane forces they had become so entwined with. They created great schools of wizardry, where they would educate others, whilst at the same time experimenting with the extent of their power.

All was well for the people of Curunor, until the wizards became too adventurous, seeking to travel beyond the boundaries of their land. Some travelled north, to the icy wastelands of Helcenor, where they became great friends with the Rámalóki (in so far as the Rámalóki have friends!), sharing knowledge and skill with one another. Others travelled south however, to the dark land of Lumbenor, whose vile creatures saw how great the Curunorians had become, and despised them. Yet before the wizards had the sense to turn back, they had already travelled too far and too deep. It was there, in the heart of Lumbenor, that they ventured upon creatures that would strike terror in the heart of even the bravest of warriors. These Ulundor, as they were named, looked upon the hearts of these men, taking all their hope transforming it into the deepest despair.

So it was that the Ulundor turned the magic of the wizards against them. They travelled back to Curunor, and infiltrated the high council of wizards. From this position they began to wreak terrible damage upon Curunor, preparing it for an invasion the likes of which had never been seen before. Armies of goblins and orcs spread forth from the south of the continent, killing or destroying all that lay in their path. The Curunorians were ill equipped to deal with such a force, accustomed as they were to times of peace and prosperity. It seemed that the land would surely fall into the dark hands of the Ulundor.

However, even in the depths of despair, there always remains a seed of hope, so it is said. Indeed it was fortuitous that one of the wizards in the ruling council was not in Curunor when the Ulundor undertook their coup. So it was that Yllther elf-born, inexperienced as he was, being the youngest member of the council (only 110 as I recall), witnessed the fall of Curunor from afar, in the caves of Helcenor. The Rámalóki were very keen on observation, you see, and had the greatest scryers in all of Ambar. Unfortunately, they were also an extremely passive race, and did not lightly wield their powers. So it was that despite the pleading of Yllther, they refused to send aid to the continent from whence he came. They did, however, offer him refuge in their northern lands, which he accepted in the hope that he might still acquire their assistance.

As the days wore on, and the dark cloud grew over Curunor, an idea came to Yllther. He reasoned that the Rámalóki had refused to aid in the fighting of a war, but had willingly given their protection. Could they not, then, protect his people from the Ulundor? At this suggestion, the Rámalóki showed great remorse, for they truly wished to protect these peaceful people, but could see no way of doing so. They could not protect and save Curunor, for that would require open war. Neither could they offer the sanctity of Helcenor, as the Curunorians would be unable to survive in the harsh climate. Yet, faced with this negative response, it was that Yllther stumbled upon the idea that would save his people. Would it not be possible to create a new land, far away in the great ocean?

The Rámalóki thought long and hard about this, and eventually decided that they would do as Yllther requested. So it was that they raised the land of Lerinor from the depths of the great ocean, and wove their spells of protection around the land. A mass exodus from Curunor was led by Yllther, guiding his people to the sanctity of their new land. The Ulundor put up a great resistance, but the Rámalóki were wise to their ways and the Curunorians were filled with hope afresh, such that all but a few were able to be transported to Lerinor. What became of those that remained we do not know, though I imagine it was none too pleasant.

After the exodus, the Rámalóki called for an audience with Yllther, where they forged a monumental treaty, to protect the people of Lerinor. The Treaty of Lerinor called for restrictions of all forms of magic, and a complete prohibition of sorcery and wizardry. This meant that Yllther, being a wizard himself, was banished from the land he helped to create. He took the few remaining wizards (for most had fallen to the Ulundor), and left these lands, never to return.

Before he left, however, Yllther gave a great speech to his people, in which he elected five kings, one from each of the five free races, who had been great leaders in the resistance against the invasion from Lumbenor. And in the place where Ylther stood, on that momentous day, a city was built to celebrate the glory of freedom and peace, so that the Lerinorians would never forget the sacrifice that Yllther made and, more importantly, the reason for which he made it.

And here we are, one thousand years since Yllther and his wizards left these shores. They all celebrate, but, I wonder, do they all remember why?

The Treaty Of Lerinor

  1. A ban on all forms of sorcery and wizardry is called for in the land of Lerinor. This includes the following conditions:
    1. All materials relating to wizardry and sorcery (high arcane magic) must be destroyed.
    2. No new sorcerers or wizards may be trained by any institution.
    3. All existing sorcerers and wizards are subject to exile from the land of Lerinor.
  2. The following restrictions on the use of magic are to be put in place:
    1. No individual may practice any form of magic without a valid licence, under penalty of life-imprisonment.
    2. The use of magic against a citizen of Lerinor who has not given his/her explicit permission is prohibited, under penalty of life-imprisonment, regardless of whether or not the perpetrator holds a valid license.
    3. The following groups of people may be granted a license to carry out magic, under the terms of this Treaty, and for the stated purpose:
      1. Clerics – for restorative, protective or detective purposes.
      2. Druids – as with Clerics, but also animal-related purposes.
      3. Ranger – as with Druids, but also against beasts/monsters.
      4. Paladins – as with Clerics, but also against beasts/monsters.
      5. Bards – for entertainment purposes only.
  3. The ward in place around Lerinor must not be disrupted under any circumstances, under penalty of death.
  4. The Five Towers must be protected at all times, however no person may be allowed entry to any tower, under penalty of death.